Marc Friederich

Rooibos Rocks - Sustainably, Ethically, Responsibly.

    Rooibos is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature – And we’re anxious to return the favor. We only buy the very best quality product, grown in ways that are sustainable, on farms with the highest environmental and ethical standards. As you enjoy your cup of Rooibos Rocks you can feel good about protecting the planet and supporting the indigenous farming families of the Cederberg region in the Western Cape of South Africa. Follow this link to order:                                   [video width="1080" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

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Rodney Rohm
If you really want to relax and sleep like a baby, regardless of your age.....You need to get some of this Tea and Enjoy it for yourself. The Red Bush is a Golden Treasure.... YOU will absolutely enjoy it. The second reason you will enjoy it is the people that bring it to are absolutely awesome people.