Richard Lewine
Executive Suite Blues
Today we are faced with “The Great Resignation”, a disengaged workforce and other organizational ills because of decades of misplaced focus on quarterly returns. Only the shareholders and their financial gains were considered worthy of focused, consistent attention. Customer satisfaction, employee well being, community impact were nominally ignored. Is the well being of your people an integral component of your leadership design? Your executive suite is no longer a haven from which to oversee a management hierarchy. Rather, it is a vantage point from which to view global events and integrate their impact into your organization so that you are their beneficiary rather than their victim. You and your executive leadership group have the awesome responsibility of maintaining your organizational integrity, viability and culture in the face of seemingly uncontrollable circumstances. Welcome to the world as it is. At the core of organizational effectiveness is a clear vision and mission agreed upon and committed to by the leadership group. A mission which will attract and retain quality people; that provides motivation for the creation of a well defined organizational strategy and executable goals program; that is designed to foster responsible, sustainable leadership and consistent, valuable performance throughout all levels of the organization. When was the last time you reviewed your mission statement? What was your reaction to it? Imagine the outcome if all your people were committed to the same mission. Your leadership system can be designed to ensure the retention of your people's human dignity.  

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