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Here are training guides to illustrate the tools and applications in your BestEverSocial account. Our goal is to help you better understand the “why and how” of each tool/page and the benefits it provides.

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The Marketplace … for Pro Members to Promote Offers, Content and Events

What is This and Why is It Valuable

The BestEverSocial Marketplace is an exclusive tool for upgraded Pro level members. With this, you can easily publish and promote everything you do. We've nicknamed these "OCE's" meaning offers, content and events. Then we'll showcase your OCEs both inside to other members as well out into the public internet.

As a Pro member, you can add as many OCEs as you want to attract more customers, grow your mailing lists, increase your audiences or supporters. More, there's no added costs nor do you pay us any fees or commissions for whatever you promote.  So feel free to create a whole catalogue of what you're wanting to sell and its then visible to audiences everywhere.

"Video of "Office Hours" training on the Marketplace

Understanding Offers, Content and Events (OCEs)

Let's dig into what we mean by Offers, Content and Events.  These are different for everyone.  l

Offers... are quite simply products or services you may offer for purchase. Some people publish an offer and then add links to their checkout pages to facilitate the sale or add a calendar tool link to setup a call.

Content... is simply about the sharing of information that you choose to publish in some form. There's countless options on what you may decide to publish.

Events... speak to how you may host people at something you provide. It could be a webinar, paid online event, a training program or just about anything.

So before moving on, take a moment and identify your OCE's that you could promote to the BestEver members and then broadly into the internet. Again, the choice is yours... you add your OCEs and we'll promote them to other members and on our public website.

Publishing Your OCEs

Start by clicking on Marketplace from the menu and then take a look around and see some OCEs that others are promoting.  This will give you a good sense of your ideas and possibilities.

Then click into one of the categories where you'd like to start and go to "Create New..." blue box at the top right. Here's a short video showing you what to do next.

Promote Your OCEs to Your Email Lists and Social Media

Everyone has a different goal for publishing OCEs. To make it easy for you, as you publish yours, other members can see them in the Marketplace or by opening up a list from their own Dashboard. Your own invited members also receive notifications when you publish an OCE.

More, you can easily share or post links to your OCE's into your social media or in an email.  Simply go to your Invitation page and there, we've automatically set up a section where shareable OCE links can be selected.

Make your selection and then click how you wish to promote it and it's done!

Think about how easily you can publish your OCEs and then promote them anywhere you wish in just a couple of clicks! Imagine you've using the Marketplace tool as your social media advertising agency... where you can post, share and repost as often as you wish at no cost!

Video: Now you can "See Who's Looking" at Your OCEs!

It gets better! As a Pro member, there's even a special page where you can see who in the BestEver community has viewed one of your OCEs. You'll also receive email notifications as well, reminding you to connect and followup with whoever is looking in an appropriate way.

Benefits... Growing Your Audiences, Lists and Results..

This is one of the most popular and powerful BestEver resources for Pro level member!

Here in one place is an easy-to-use marketing and promotional tool to share all you do, both inside to other members and then out into the broad web.

We automatically track visitors:

  • to show you members that are interested in your OCEs
  • to help you build an audience and a list of interested people for followup who see you as you promote your OCEs into social media, via email and online.
  • to grow an email list
  • and to sell your products and services or more tickets to an event you're hosting.

Its a very simple to use, economical and complete marketing agency available to you as a Pro member of BestEverSocial.

The Engagement Builder… for Pro Members

What's This and Why It's Important

The uses and value of the Engagement Builder are clear for the upgraded Pro member.

Understanding that “engagement” is the key to building trust, relationships and results, everything you may want to know about a member is presented here at a glance in the Engagement Builder.

Here vital information is included from their Profile, from your history of contacts and conversations that you record and from their activities, interests, their Personal Groups and more.

All of your activities and notes from previous connections are here to review and guide your next conversation.

Look Around at All It Provides

The value of ways to use the BRM are self-evident as you begin to see all that’s provided.

As you prepare to contact someone in your community, click into the Engagement Builder to see everything that may be valuable to make the conversation valuable and interesting to them.

Then, add more information about them personally, about their activities and include relevant news so that it’s there for you the next time you plan to have a follow-up conversation.

From this tool, you can also add important tags or the status of your relationship with each person so that you can filter, sort, introduce, support, and grow mutually beneficial outcomes.

Sometimes viewed as the heart of a CRM, the Engagement Builder is more about simply and easily empowering you and the people you’re connected with into having collaborative, productive relationships.

The Power Meetings

What's a Power Meeting?

We host Power Meetings to bring together members of the BestEver community in free weekly relationship building events. These occur in an increasing number of locales and always welcome guests who get to see the uniqueness of BestEver and the diversity of our membership. Unlike traditional networking meetings, we position the Power Meetings as the place you come to make a connection that sets in motion follow-up communications that often leads to new collaborative relationships. So, these gatherings are for building your “network” not for showing up, like most networking meetings, just to sell your stuff!

Best Practices to Produce Win-Win Results

Each week we encourage people to attend and seek to learn how they can support others in attendance. There’s no selling in the meetings, and we actually discourage it. Attend, make a connection where you discover an opportunity of mutual interest and then follow-up. Our Pro members are urged to set the example for others by helping everyone follow these simple guidelines and help lead the meetings.

Invite New People and Build the BestEverSocial Community

The Power Meetings are a great place to show new people the unique values and culture of BestEverSocial. Therefore, we urge all members to share their personal “invitation link” (in your “Invitation” page) with the people they know or meet to join us at a Power Meeting. As we invite and build the BestEver community, together, we make BestEverSocial a more valuable resource for everyone.

Your Personal Groups

What are Personal Groups and Why Are They Important

One of the goals of BestEverSocial is to enable every member to create their own powerful Personal Groups that represent their own unique interests. Everyone has their own reasons to bring people together. These can be business or personal, represent a topic, cause, or just about anything. This capability helps you to bring together the people “that you do life with” into your own private, safe, “out-of-the-noise” communities within the greater BestEverSocial ecosystem to collaborate, grow, support, and advance you and the purpose of the group.

Deciding on Setting Up My Own Personal Groups

We urge every member to start out by looking around at what others have already setup as their Personal Groups. There you’ll see a wide range of interests serving as examples for you to ask yourself who and what you care about yourself.

Now with Personal Groups, you have a special, safe, private place to bring “your people” together for collaboration, relationships and to  create win-win result for all.

When you start a group, you set the privacy level as you wish. It can be open to anyone to join with you, or you can require every member to be approved by you before joining.

Many members have groups that are totally “hidden” as they’re specifically for the people that the group is intended. Examples could be groups setup for a family, club, church or ministry group or even as one member has done, a group for their classmates from high school.

Should I Join Other Member's Personal Groups?

I’ll guarantee as you see groups that other members have setup, you’ll see some that you’ll want to be a part of.

When you do, simply click into the group, and ask to join.

The founder of the group will get a notification, approve your request, if needed, and now you’ll have access to some amazing BestEver people, resources, training and opportunities to meet and collaborate in an area of your interest.

Its So Easy to Set Up a Personal Group

When you’re ready to start your own Personal Groups, it's just "a piece of cake!".

Click into “My Groups” from the menu and you’ll see there at the top (left) the “Create a Group” button. Follow the step-by-step guidelines and in just a few minutes its done, published and linked to you as the founder! Bam!

Video: Inviting People into Your Personal Groups

When you start of join a group, you have a very special way to invite people into the group. First, as the leader, you can invite other members to join with you if you’ve already “connected” with them from their Profiles. This is done with your group management tools.

Then, for any group you’ve joined or started, there’s also a very convenient shareable invitation link provided in your BestEver “Invitation” page from the menu bar at the top. Here's a short video that shows you how easy it is.

Benefits of Your Powerful Personal Groups

Remember, you’re out of the noise of social media so there’s no advertising, tracking pixels or sharing of personal data here in BestEver. So, lead yourself well and make your groups valuable by starting or adding to the conversation within them.

Then, there’s so much you can do to actively engage with your members. For example, you can host group events, share your Zoom links to enable connecting, post content or images and a lot more.

Also you’ll always be informed when group members add posts, and every member receives notifications of these in their BestEver dashboard and via email so you all can actively participate.

Personal Groups are intended to help you build collaboration and community with the people you want to be engaged with in a better way. These are powerful tools to bring relationships and results together, based on whatever your goals may be.

The Dashboard… Your “Command Center”

What's This All About?

Your BestEver Dashboard is where you’ll start each time you login to your account. It’s designed to keep you informed and on track with everything going on in your account, with your connected members and provide news about the BestEver community

Your Dashboard Helps You Stay on Track

We suggest logging in every day and also urge you to keep your BestEverSocial account live or “open” in your browser. Therefor as people post to your groups, start a chat, or if news is published, or someone responds to an invitation to join or to connect with you, the information is always at your fingertips.

Best Practices for Great Results and Benefits

Clearly, in these days of “online or digital overload,” it’s important to use the tools that help you build engaged, active relationships. So, when another member who, like you, is committed to collaboration reaches out to you, it’s best to respond and interact quickly to build results.

When you see something happen or when you need to respond to someone, go to their Profile or into the BRM to setup your own personal contact reminders. The dashboard is your launchpad for everything that builds your community and success.  You’ll see that we’ve also created many in-app and email notifications to help you with that.

It’s no secret… just talk to some of the Pro level members… They’ll tell you the more you use the BestEver tools, the more you’ll build results and reach your goals. Want some examples…  just check out the “What Members Say” page on the BestEverSocial public website.

Your Profile… your “Attract” Magnet

What's This About and Why its So Important

Already you’ve seen a lot about the why and how of your Profile.  Its really at the heart of everything that brings value to you in being a BestEverSocial Member. The more you add to your Profile the greater the response you’ll get from other members wanting to meet and seek collaborative opportunities.

Here is one place is everything you want to promote about yourself, what you provide or what you may be seeking. Even included are your personal interests, what’s a great referral for you or who would be a great referral source for you. Then there are lots of other tools  to help you gather testimonials and introductions and build social proof of why one would want to connect and know you.

Within your Profile, you can provide links to all your websites, to your calendar tool, add your contact details and a Zoom links and even add a personal “commercial” in the form of a warm, informative video.

The BestEverSocial Success Model
Here's Another Great Advantage

Your Profile is so much more than what you may think when you take the time to really make yours complete.

Now, when your Profile is ready, login and just open your own Profile page. Then copy the link you see in your browser, and now you can paste it into an email and send it to anyone or post it into your social media.

Right there, you’ve your own, free, ready-made, shareable, personal web page with links to your background, websites, testimonials, calendar and more. It’s 100% free advertising!

Take the time to create a great Profile now and you’ll soon be drawing in people from your networks into trusted collaborative, win-win relationships!

Congrats... You've Earned a Reward!

When your Profile is done, you’ll also receive a BestEverSocial “Activation Reward.”  It's all part of our innovative “Referral Rewards” program, where all members receive rewards to apply towards free upgrades of their membership to the amazing Pro level.

There’s more detail on the Referral Rewards program in the BestEver Invitation page and on your Dashboard.

However, we want to reward you now for activating your account and let you know that we’re in this together! As we grow, we’re sharing the benefits with every member, like you, who is helping us create this incredible BestEverSocial global community.

Add the Pro Member Upgrade Advantage to Your Profile

Upgrade to the Pro level membership and you’ll also have many more tools available to you.  For example as a Pro, you now have full access to promote all of your products, services, events and even your lead magnets (content) in our Marketplace.  We call this your "OCE's." While the Marketplace is promoted to all members and out to the internet, your OCEs are also added to your Profile making it easy for people who visit your page to go right to everything you’re promoting.

There are many other tools for Pro members added to your Profile when you upgrade turning it into a powerful personal promotional resource.

Your Invitation Tools

What's This and Why It's Important

Together we’re building a global community of people wanting to return to personal relationships and collaboration in our online activities.  As we say, its time now for the “great relationship reset” and for a return to online privacy and safety, real community, and increased results and to also get out of the digital noise!

This need is recognized globally and crosses all borders and cultures in our interconnected lives.  Meeting the need will deliver benefits and results in all areas of life for our members.

We’re all in this together. As we help each other learn and embrace the values of privacy, collaboration, responsibility, and mutually beneficial interactions, everyone wins. As you invite the people you know and want to “do life with” into BestEverSocial, we all benefit.

Your Invitation tools are highly automated and personalized with your name in every invitation you send out. They’re designed to help you easily bring your friends, contacts, families, customers, networks and more into a BestEverSocial relationship.

We’re also committed to rewarding members who help us build the BestEver community in our innovative Referral Rewards program.  Get started inviting people today and watch your relationships and results grow.

There's Multiple Ways to Invite People into BestEverSocial

When you initially joined BestEverSocial, your personal invitation tools were automatically setup for you.

So when you share an invitation, in any way, BestEverSocial automation has sent it with your name as the sender.

There are five ready-made tools for you to use to invite people into your BestEver member community.

  1. Invite people to a Power Breakfast
  2. Send or post an invite to become your invited member
  3. Automatically access your own email contact lists and select one, several or all of your contacts to join.
  4. Invite people to join a Personal Group that you've created or joined yourself.
  5. If you're a Pro member, all of your Offers, Content or Events are automatically setup with unique shareable links for sending or posting to grow the success of what you're promoting.

It’s so easy to invite and build your own BestEver mebers, groups, and community. People who respond to the invitation you send are automatically added to your personal BestEver account, integrated into the Best Relationship Manager (BRM) for you to follow-up, and you receive a notification by email and in your Dashboard.

And remember, when someone joins and activates their account from your invitation, you receive a Referral Reward.

We urge you to reach out to welcome and support them immediately, setup a follow-up contact schedule using the BRM to begin engagement and collaborating and encourage them to complete their Profile, start inviting their network and to join us in an upcoming Power Breakfast or Lunch.

A Video on How It's Easy to Invite People into BestEverSocial

Video: The New Email Invitation Tool to Invite People into BestEverSocial

Here's an Exclusive Pro Member Invitation Tool to Promote and Sell More of Your Offers-Content-Events

As an upgraded Pro Member, you have so many added valuable tools to help you grow.

Now as you publish all your Offers, Content and Events (OCEs) you can also automatically promote all you do with "done for you" shareable marketing links here on your Invitation page.

First setup your OCEs. Then on this Invitation page, there’s a special Pro member section where those shareable invitation links are ready to send out via email or by posting into your social media accounts.

When you promote your OCEs, interested people automatically see your OCE page and if they want to know more,  they can easily signup or register register to access the details.

This automatically sends them where you want and (get ready for this!) also delivers them into your BestEver community in the NRM for followup by you.

So you’re growing your audience and lists, helping your contacts join your BestEver community and you're promoting all of your OCEs.  That’s really what we call win-win-win!

A Best Practices Tip When Someone You invite Joins...

We urge you to reach out to welcome and support your invitees immediately after you receive notice of a new member.  Seek to setup a follow-up contact schedule using the BRM to begin engagement and encourage or help them to complete their Profile.

Guide them on how to start inviting their own network into BestEverSocial and also to join us in an upcoming Power Breakfast or Lunch.

They'll quickly see the culture, values and opportunity you've provided to them and that's going to create a win-win benefit for you both!

The Best Relationship Manager (BRM)

What's This and Why is the BRM So Important?

Your growth and success in life and business is directly related to your building highly engaged ongoing relationships. This means keeping in touch with the people you’re seeking to serve or attract leading to great outcomes.

Be careful, this is a lot more than being about sales as there’s many reasons we want to build and maintain relationships. However, whatever the reason is, there’s only one effective and proven way to do that.

You must be committed to keeping in touch, continuously and responsibly… meaning making your interactions personal and more about the other person and not you. As you do this, the relationship and trust grows and the purpose for being engaged gets fulfilled..

The BRM has been specifically developed to help you grow highly engaged relationships, to illustrate your character and competence to people and to increase trust between you and your contacts. These tools and lessons are tested and proven with many thousands of users globally over the careers of the BestEver leadership.

BRM Tools for Free Members

As a free member, the BRM will be the center of all your interactions and scheduling of follow-up or “keep-in-touch” activities with people you’ve invited into or connected with in the BestEver community. Watch the “How-to” videos and learn from the on-page guides.

Know that as you setup recurring follow-up schedules needed to build engagement, we’ll notify you on your Dashboard and via email when time is coming to make your next contact.

We’ll help you to never let a key relationship “slip through the cracks: and be forgotten!

BRM Tools for Upgraded Pro Members

When you upgrade as a Pro Member you have access to many valuable, easy to use and convenient relationship building tools in your BRM. These tools are specifically developed to help you grow your influence,  your network and your income or support for your organization,

Here's a short video on each of these tools provided below.

Video: Introducing the BRM for Pro Members

Video: Importing Contacts & Clients, Using the BestEver as Your CRM

Video: Sort, Select, Engage and Manage Your Contacts Any Way You Wish

Video: Your BRM Integrates with the BestEverSocial Academy Courses!

Video: The Powerful Best Engagement Builder and Your BRM

The BestEver Academy… for Pro Members

What This is All About and the Benefits

Pro Members gain private access to a growing number of exceptional BestEverSocial training courses.  These topics have been provided to many thousands of professionals, both in business and in the non-profit organizations.  Our goals include helping our members better understand ways to more effectively grow trusted relationships, build communities, and reach their goals.

Best Referrals Starting Point Training Course

The focus of this training is to lay the foundations of why people want to join up together in collaborative and trusted relationships. There is a well proven process that, while easily understood, is missed by so many.

Growing success means first developing your consciousness on what is important and how to focus on it. Then getting on to a systematic and repeatable process yields the results you may be seeking. Start here with the fundamentals. There's some great resources and an assessment to help sharpen your awareness of what to do here at the "starting point.

The Best Referrals Success Academy Course

One of the highlights of the BestEver Academy is the Referrals Success Academy. This is an 8-week guided course that has been provided to thousands world-wide in both business and non-profit sectors.  Developed by the founder, Tom Gay, from his years of building Refer.com and other referral sales training firms, it has been delivered to dozens of raving fan, BestEver Pro members.

Follow the step-by-step 8-week formula, working with 20-25 key people  you already know and you'll soon be seeing, 6, 8, 10 or even more new referred prospects every month.  To add to the course, there's a resource filled blog at www.bestreferraltips.com that illustrates the wisdom in the training.

The Six Step Sales Ladder Skills Training Course

This course has been described as "brilliant," "amazing," "something everyone in any type of customer/client facing role has to take," We all approach the markets we operate in with our own sales training or experience.

Whatever that is for you, this course breaks down how to guide a person from start to successful finish in a positive, beneficial, step-by-step way.

It's really much more than about sales... it's about moving to a win-win result in every type of relationship.

The course is filled with tools and only about an hour to complete... yet when you're finished, just apply what you've learned and watch your results multiply.

Understanding Relationships and Trust(coming soon)

Here's a simple approach to the fundamentals of trust building, how to become intentional in building a close circle of trusted relationships and the benefits that brings to you and those around you.

Building Your Networks, Trusted Teams and the Power of Triads (coming soon)

For professionals across all business categories, the need to find more high quality prospects is common. There’s not a better way to support that need than to intentionally grow your own networks and “trusted team” of mutually committed, culturally aligned professionals.

This course takes the BestEverSocial principles and tools to a higher level with specific training and tactics that results in having your own committed success building networks and referrals team.

We’ll get into the power of “triads” and how groups of professionals aligned in “triadic relationships” can multiply their results by bring these groups together into a powerful mutually beneficial, success producing community.

Using BestEverSocial to Build Community Good (coming soon)

It's so encouraging to be connected together with so many people in a collaborative movement like BestEverSocial. For most, joining has been aimed at increasing business outcomes via participating in a private, collaborative, trusting culture.

Yet, the same principles that link us together for business can be applied to change the world for the better.

Here in this course, we'll outline the what and why that occurs and then get into details on how you can apply these principles and practices in your own communities or to benefit the causes that you care for.

Growing Your Non-Profit or Ministry Using BestEverSocial (coming soon)

Many of the training components in the BestEver Academy have been delivered into various ministry settings to help organizations, ministries and missionaries maintain relationships with grow the number of supporters and the funds to serve where they're called.

In this course, the focus will be on why and how this works and how you can most effectively gain the resources needed while better serving those who are supporting you in your mission.


Video: "Office Hours" Replay... Pro Members Share Their Best Practices

Here on 4/28/2022 BestEverSocial Pro Members share some of their best practices in using the platform.

Watch this video.