What Members Say About BestEverSocial

If you want to escape the noise of digital and social media and build more trusted relationships to grow your sales, referrals and results, then BestEverSocial is for you.

Here are a few comments from our members. Click on the “Meet” links to see their BestEver Profiles.

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Darryl Horton
Relationship Marketing Strategist
I like to connect with others that want to understand & learn how building meaningful relationships is much more beneficial than traditional relationships. And also, meet others looking to live a Healthier lifestyle.

The BestEverSocial platform has been very beneficial to me. It's truly relationship focused. Being able to have everything in one place is invaluable, also the BestEverSocial platform and community nurtures a culture of true collaboration and not pitching products and services. The platform allows me to connect with others with a knowledge of what we both are looking to do. Then, we have the ability to video call, make a direct call message and the Best Relationship Manager along with the Academy training made it so easy.

Janet Lienhard
Virtual Technology Instructor and Course Creator
We provide training, consulting, and programming in Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Suite, and Google Workspace through live, 1-hour, instructor-led classes and custom classes for companies, teams, or departments.

BestEverSocial is one of my main networking places where I meet like-minded business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. I love the fact that it is based on relationship building that leads to meaningful referrals and is not a "selling" platform. The tools that BestEverSocial offers help me engage with my ideal clients or people who know my ideal clients. It's so exciting to be part of this dynamic group - Thanks Tom!

Judy Carlson
Tax-Free Lifetime Wealth Strategist, CPA and Financial Advisor
Helping people protect and preserve their hard-earned savings safely and securely off the radar screen of the IRS and out of the risk-filled markets.

BestEverSocial offers the opportunity to build authentic relationships with people who genuinely care about and want the best for each other. We are not only building relationships, we’re building lasting friendships! BestEverSocial has its own Academy with extensive teaching and videos designed to help us build our own teams, become successful with referrals, and sharpen our selling skills. Hands down, it’s the best training I have ever taken!

BestEverSocial provides the framework to design and build our own profiles, connect, engage, and meet with other members, and invite others we know to join and to experience it all!

Richard Lewine
Executive Mentor and Leadership Consultant
Executive mentor, grand vizier, organization development consultant. Confidant to Family Office leadership. Managing director of LMI South Florida. Preparing the NextGen for their roles.

Best Personal Teams on the BestEverSocial platform have permitted me to focus my efforts on those markets and people I believe I can help best. Crafting invitation messages becomes less of a daunting task as the purpose is clear. Financial return on my investment has been above my expectations. My various team members are actively involved in pursuing our respective stated purposes.

Rodney Rohm
Business Development Professional
As President and Founder of 208 Wireless Business Integration, Inc Dba Rodney Rohm Enterprises. We are in the business of implementing integrated technologies through our 13 unique business subsidiaries.

It just works! BestEverSocial is ALL about people IN Relationship with other people.  It is honestly the purest form of the power of People Groups I have ever been a part of. BestEverSocial is the evolution of the most powerful (TBOS) Tribal Business Operating System on this planet, and will be a legacy I will leave to my Children's Children long after I am gone.

Pamela Stambaugh
President, Founder, Accountability Pays Inc.
Over 10,000 managers and CEOs grew revenues and profits utilizing CEO Tools: Communicate, Execute and Optimize to manifest an exit strategy. And, our Emerging Leader Accelerator certifies managers who become leaders.

My business growth is 70% referrals. The law of reciprocity is alive and well here because the focus is on doing well by doing good. BestEverSocial has provided me the opportunity to gather my team for productive interactions toward mutual goals. So far, only good has come from this collaborative, sharing, authentic space. My recent win in BestEverSocial was finding my Chief Marketing Officers (Hank and Sharyn Yuloff, of Yuloff Creative).

Barry Bevier
Natural Health Advisor, Bio-Hacker and Entrepreuer
I have been in the Natural Wellness space for over 10 years, specializing in Stem Cell Nutrition and more recently Brain Health. I am Licensed Brain Health Coach with Amen Clinics in Newport Beach California.

BestEverSocial is a breath of fresh air in the online social media, networking, referral, and sales training space. Tom and Brett have created a unique culture that fosters building deep-rooted, giving relationships that promotes a continuing referral resource, as opposed to the salesy, hard sell and “me first” experience of other social media platforms. Through BestEverSocial, I have been able to meet like-minded people and build meaningful relationships globally that I would not have been able to do otherwise. If you are going to invest time and effort in social media, BestEverSocial is the place!

Marc Friederich
HealthPointe Coach, MLT founder and founder of BestEverSocial South Africa
My new career has escalated to the point where I am now a health coach and director of Global Concepts, specializing in the Nutrilite line of organic nutrition supplements including the HealthPointe Lifestyle Program. I am also actively marketing and distributing the LifeWave phototherapy patches in South Africa. My vision includes international expansion into the USA, Europe, and Asia.

It all started with Tom’s Best Referral Academy course. This training led me to become a BestEverSocial member and shortly after to join the Charter Member Program. I like the BestEverSocial back to basic approach as you build “relationships”, escape the online noise, connect, share, learn, and grow your business. As Zig Ziglar said: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

Mary Ann Scott
Small-Medium Size Business - Tax Incentives | Entrepreneur| Global Ops | Faculty Advisor
Bring Delight & Joy - Help business owners claim thousands of dollars of tax incentives – immediate cash they didn’t know about and are eligible for. Offer Referral Partners generous fees, adding residual income.

Do you want to get out of the noise and have a more collaborative setting to have real conversations with other professionals? BestEverSocial is private without tracking/advertising and offers a way to invite others into your group or to the larger community. You will find a spirit of collaboration, support, creative ideas offered, and genuine connection. So different from other experiences and well worth your time and involvement. I just love BestEverSocial!!!

Amy Rowland
Entrepreneur, CEO and Business Founder
With Amy Rowland’s leadership as the CEO and co-founder of Pangea Biological, a woman-owned environmental services company, Pangea received the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's (LADWP) 1st Small Business Enterprise/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Contractor of the Year award. Amy’s mission is to lead the way towards environmental solutions while balancing real-world construction challenges on energy and infrastructure projects throughout the United States.

As a leader, CEO, and trusted advisor, the purpose of BestEverSocial resonates with me to foster connections and to generate and share ideas with like-minded professionals in a collaborative and engaging environment. Knowing the purpose of BestEverSocial is built on curating relationships, not selling, it aligns with my values in my marketing and sales philosophy of planting, watering, and caring for the seeds (relationships) I plant. With 30 years in my career, my focus continues with the 80/20 approach in business – 80 percent of my time is about relationships, and the other 20 percent is explaining our company capabilities. It is really important for me to help others in their business journey, offering insight and/or and introduction to a person that might change the trajectory of their business growth. BestEverSocial is a win-win in my toolbox!

Christopher Stokes
Co-Founder of Trading Queen Inc and Rooibos Rocks.
We promote our brand of Rooibos tea in the USA (and shortly Japan). Intolerant or tired of Caffeine, here’s the solution.

What better way to promote yourself and your business than by first creating relationships with your potential clients. BestEverSocial is all about networking with other like-minded people and businesspeople far and wide, from the USA to South Africa and beyond. Many will either become customers of yours or know people who will become customers of yours. Some will become friends and long-term business associates. All will become your audience and you will become theirs. This is a forum first for connections, then for nurturing those connections to share both business and social connections.

Melanie Rae
Our business simplifies business strategies that help entrepreneurs reach their successful destinations.

I became a Charter Member even before I used the platform. I based this decision on the rave reviews from people that I know. I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow entrepreneurs from around the world. BestEverSocial offers a holistic and organic approach to building relationships.

Tina Pittman
CPA/Managing Member.
Providing accounting, tax, and business advisory services for over 30 years. We are an outside the box firm that helps individual and business owners reduce, eliminate, or defer their tax liability by utilizing innovative tax strategies. We also provide tax resolution services by helping to negotiate a reduction on back taxes owed. Tina is the co-author of Amazon’s Best Seller Write Offs to the Rescue.

BestEverSocial is a collaborative tool for building long-lasting relationships. With all the training provided, all the tools you’ll need are in one place for expanding your business. This platform has definitely blocked the noise encountered on social media. The BestEverSocial environment allows for more collaboration and quality engagements versus crisis-like hit and miss contacts. Its team approach adds more value to any business and increases retention in your team.

Vernon Brokke
BusinessTax Strategist
Business strategists who focus on improving cash flow through different tax and incentive strategies. These strategies improve the bottom line through sales coaching, mentorship, and reducing excessive costs where you don’t know it exists.

BestEverSocial has been valuable because of the great relationships I have built while networking on the platform. Tom Gay has been an inspiration and mentor of mine for a few years, and I relish his counsel and wisdom on relationships and referral marketing. I look forward to meeting more people and developing relationships that are mutually beneficial both personally and professionally.