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Carole Hodges
My intention is to continue connecting with business owners for collaborative, conscious and responsible support and growth of each others life and business.
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"Life is your adventure!  It may have ups and downs, but they all lead you to an opportunity for growth and true prosperity."

I am the author of "The Menopause Millionaire - Keys to prosperity and meaning in the second half of your life."  It offers self-direction to a life of extraordinary health, meaningful relationships, and true wealth.

My background combines expertise from multiple disciplines:

  • Currently licensed in life and health insurance, long-term care and disability insurance, annuities, and property/casualty insurance.  I specialize in creating tax-free income for retirement and wealth transfer to future generations.
  • A master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), trained in transformational mindset and presentation skills
  • DISC personality instructor and team building within companies.
  • I created Co-preneur coaching for couples in business who want both financial and relationship success.
  • At MCI Worldcom, I was an award-winning video services representative and videoconferencing product manager.
  • I was the Executive VP of the International Multi-Media Telecommunications Consortium from 2000-2002
  •  As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, I performed in multiple commercials and movies.
  • I played various roles in more than 25 musicals and performances in the San Francisco area.
  • I am currently a Distinguished Toastmaster and See More
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Are YOU a Menopause Millionaire?
If you are a woman at age 50 - you are a millionaire! Very likely, you have handled a million dollars or more in your lifetime. (That is only $33K per year average!) But what makes you feel rich? It is your health, your relationships, the people that you love, and, of course, enough money to feel a sense of security. Now there is a book to meet you where you are and where you are going. You have a friend to coach you on your path. Get your copy now at Carole Hodges wrote The Menopause Millionaire to give women the keys to understanding important financial choices. She gives the pros and cons of various investments so you can do your research and make choices you can live with. She also offer straight talk on health, dating and rapid technological change that we face today. Learn more about Carole at or at
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Life Change Navigation - Individual & Team consultation for clarity, alignment and productivity. Learn more at The Menopause Millionaire Book - Keys to Prosperity and Meaning in the Second Half of Your Life -
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Healers Branding, Marketing & Advertising Legal Services Web Design & Development Public Speaking
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Psychology Science and technology studies Singing Writing Yoga Travel
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