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Melanie Rae
Founder + Author
Los Angeles, CA
To connect with ambitious entrepreneurs who want to pursue corporate contracts...whether they are starting their business or have been around for years.
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Supplier Inclusion - Cohort-Based Vendor Development Training
Outreach convenes vendors. Training closes deals.(tm) - Guided Business Plan designs and facilitates intimate vendor development programs that lead to profitable engagement with buyers. Education. Introductions. Value-Add.
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BEFORE and AFTER Business Coach - Amazing Transformations GUIDED Business Plan(tm) books - 10 editions! Entrepreneur education programs Supplier Inclusion - strategic sourcing solutions Diverse vendor development training programs Monthly peer group for start-ups
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Hands-On Digital Marketer (not just strategies) Former Supplier Inclusion Professionals (retired or part-time) Admin Assistant (local to Los Angeles) Funnel Designer
My Personal Interests
Jumping on a Southwest flight to somewhere Designing milestone birthday celebrations for family Urban hikes
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