Pamela Stambaugh
President, Founder, Accountability Pays Inc.
San Diego, CA
About Me

I don't have children, my child is my business! I am a big fan of personal growth and development, personally and spiritually, and I have found a few tribes within which I do just that. One of those tribes is the Landmark Education Wisdom Community. It was here - beginning in 1999 with the Landmark Forum - where I found my voice.

My consulting, coaching, facilitation business is 30+ years in the making, post-MBA.

I recently declared and am living into the possibility of finding a partner to whom I can leave the business and the legacy of my reputation in the area of leadership development. I have entertained numerous possibilities. With each conversation I become more clear what will work for each of us.

Meanwhile, I love what I do, my clients are each rock stars in my eyes who begin by acknowledging they have room for growth and are open to transformation of their businesses toward an exit strategy.

To be effective as a business coach I must first be a great listener, which perfectly suits the introvert in me — I am See More

Intro Video
Introducing myself to BestEverSocial
Here is a short video I did with the Women Speakers Association about how to drive profitable growth. Make smart business decisions and you will set up your company for a high probability of success. Leaders can develop better management and decision-making skills through awareness and practice. As leaders take on advancing their skills, they learn how to manage curveballs, navigate personalities, and deal with conflict effectively. Every business will face these circumstances because businesses are made up of people.
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Products and Services I Offer
Team building Executive Coaching Harrison Assessment CEO Tools 2.0 for Growing Companies to Communicate, Execute, and Optimize Emerging Leader Accelerator Public Speaking
Products or Services I am looking for
YouTube expert to help build out my YouTube Social Media Management Wine
My Personal Interests
Vacationing Learning Swimming Blogging Dining Journaling Listening to music Pilates Wine tasting Walking
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