Rodney Rohm
Chaplain / Ambassador & Director of Rodney Rohm Enterprises...Husband of a Great Wife...Father of 3...Grandfather of 8...Great Grandfather of 10...Friend to Many...Partner with some...Bi-Vocational Marketplace Minister
3400 E. River Valley St. Ste B206, Meridian Idaho 83646
My Intention for meeting you is to share the personal value I receive using the TribeUp platform to meet, personally engage, connect, work and fellowship with, in a natural way that develops into strong and long-term personal relationships. I would like to hear your story about the things that bring you Joy and Happiness, whether it be related to business, family, friends, groups, or associations. We may have a similar interest in many areas and I find I am happiest when I do things with people I enjoy being around. More than likely I can introduce you to others who will feel the same way about you.
About Me

As a result from having a lifetime of experience in business processes improvement while at the same time serving as a bi-vocational market place minister, I am willing and capable of helping you overcome any challenge business or ministry may bring your way. If I have not personally overcome your particular challenge in the past, I absolutely know someone who has, and will be more than happy to give you a personal referral.

My Single Focus:

" I will remain singularly focused and committed to the life work of expanding "our" collective influence in our personal, business & family relationships, that will fuel the engine of success for our families, in our businesses and in our ministries."

You are personally invited to be a part of this exciting and Life Changing work.

As we grow in Grace, together we can leave behind us a legacy and reputation of a “good name” that is Infinitely more valuable than our individual accomplishments, and even Silver and Gold. Proverbs 22:1

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We Don't Change the Way you work.....We Enhance IT with Smart BestEverSocial engagements.
As we become part of your team, we will not try to change the way your people, clients & vendor's work with you. We will, however, increase your efficiency and profitability by improving your communications from the top to the bottom of your organization, while consistently increasing your bottom line. (ROIC)
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Products and Services I Offer
Bemer Word Study Partners Tuition Based - Entrepreneur Development University Public Speaking Coaching & Consulting IT Services SEO Services Software Developers Business Coaches Speakers & Trainers Organizations Business Opportunities
Products or Services I am looking for
Business Building Operational Toolkits Bible Based Business Owners Business Acquisition Candidates Investment Partners Public Speaking Engagements Engineers IT Services Business Coaches Contractors Outdoor Rentals Counseling
My Personal Interests
French & English Healthy Cooking Manchester United Soccer International Biblical History Local Travel Golfing Teaching Fishing Tennis
Like to Meet-Referrals: What would be a perfect introduction or referred prospect who you'd like to meet?
Ministers & Students who want to seek a formal career in Discipleship Evangelism.
  • Chaplains
    • Community Chaplains
    • Corporate Chaplains
  • MarketPlace Ministers
    • Discipleship Evangelists
    • Prayer Team Ministers
Like to Meet-Teams: What types of professions would make great referral team candidates for you?
Faith based non-profit Directors, Small to Medium sizes Churches, Small Group Bible Based Teams, Companys with Christian Owners wanting to provide Prayer & Chapel Services for employees.
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