Dennis Carroll
West Chester, Pa.
I want to help as many people as possible to truly learn to love themselves. Just tryin' to spread the love!
About Me

Over and over, people from all walks of life have told me how stress, overwhelm, anxiety and for some, even depression has played far too big a role in their lives or the lives of their loved ones. And because of this, their level of happiness and fulfillment feels stifled. They try and try but getting to that next level seems to continually elude them. Some struggle for years.

That USED to be a problem for me too. I say 'used to' because after years of struggling, I experienced a transformation that was so rapid and profound , my mind was blown! Instantly I knew that I had been gifted AND I KNEW I WANTED TO PAY IT FORWARD.

So I have been in training  since 2009 (and continue my studies to this day), and I have been coaching people since 2010.

I offer a program called Life Mastery. As a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, I teach people how to live EVERYDAY feeling confident, happy and fulfilled. Some of the by  products of that: they make more money, many get married, some leave relationships, some quit smoking, others lose weight. But they all learn to live without overwhelm, without See More

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Life Mastery
A deeper dive into my process of life mastery transformational coaching program.
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My Personal Interests
organic gardening Health and fitness, weight lifting, nature, the beach, travel, reading
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I'd like to collaborate with Business coaches as I believe there is opportunity for a win-win-win in service to our collective clients. Also, anyone who works with young people (High School and college aged). Young people do extraordinarily well in my program (resolving issues with anxiety and depression).
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