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Judy Carlson
CEO & Founder
Denver, CO
My intention in the tribe is to meet, connect with, and build relationships with new people, friends, connections, business colleagues, clients, referral partners, and add value to other members.
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As a CPA for almost 40 years, I saw first-hand the devastation taxes and market volatility have on spendable cash flow during your distribution/retirement years. I resolved to help people protect and preserve their hard-earned savings safely and securely off the radar screen of the IRS and out of the markets.

Now I help educate and shepherd people build tax-free lifetime wealth strategies and save their money into tax-free tax code accounts, fondly called “The Green Circle.” (Take a look at the flowchart in My Offers and My Content.)

When I am not helping people live their fullest life possible while paying the lowest taxes possible, I am out exploring Colorado’s beauty and enjoying the sunshine. Originally from Minnesota, I graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. I spent several years in the north woods of Wisconsin before moving to Colorado in 2013 with my two children (now young adults). I am outdoor girl with a big heart who loves putting others first.

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Build Your Tax-Free Wealth Account Starting Now
The tax code has a HUGE impact on the distribution of your wealth during your retirement years! Most Americans have no idea how much money they will actually have to spend because of all the risks to the safety of their money, like taxes, market volatility, fees, and longevity. The tax code offers you the opportunity to build a tax-free wealth account that bypasses all the risks and gives you 25% - 40% more spendable cash flow during your distribution years! Are you ready to build your tax-free wealth account?
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