Marc Friederich
Founder of LightLife Health Solution & BestEverSocial SA
Cape Town, South Africa
My intention is to connect with Best EverSocial members, share knowledge, experience, and build strong relationships. My focus is to help you to connect with fellow members who have the same interest as you as I like to help others to get what they want. Best EverSocial is a breath of fresh air in cyberspace, it is a unique and safe platform to create real relations. 🌍
About Me


My name is Marc Friederich and I am an Award-Winning Chef and Sommelier by trade, and a couple of years ago, I embraced major challenges in my life.

I suffered from painful knee and lower back inflammation due to the long hours standing in my kitchen and the elevated level of stress linked to the nature of my profession.

Today, I am running a successful coaching business in collaboration with a team of medical practitioners.

I help my customers suffering from chronic inflammation and struggling with their weight management by following a holistic, personalised and supervised 6-week course.

Let me introduce you to a comprehensive program that addresses the physical, mental and lifestyle issues of chronic inflammation and in particular weight management.

The 6 Week HealthPointe Program delivers safe and rapid weight loss results.

You’ll learn how to eat yourself slim by snacking on the right food and by having three balanced meals every day. And with a little help, you can build new daily habits and lay strong foundations for lifelong results because you have the power to switch from emotional eating to a healthy and See More

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When did you last fit into your favorite Jeans?
Discover a 6-Week course that incorporates the latest medical and scientific research that can help you reduce Chronic Inflammation.
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Chronic Inflammation and weight loss management Holistic Health Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coaching Nutrilite Organic Food Supplementation LifeWave Phototherapy Patches Network Building Health & Fitness Business Opportunities
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Sport coaches Medical Practioners Entrepreneurs Personal Trainer Network Builder Coaches & Consultants Health & Fitness Opportunity
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History Teaching Cooking Music Wine tasting Birdwatching Reading Hiking Mountain biking Travel
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Holistic health practitioners, corporate health and wellness, sport and nutrition professionals, coaches, health coaches, energy coaches  
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