Sarah Minor
My intention is to grow lifelong friends that I can do business with. I believe in networking with the right people to lift each other up, not compete with each other. There is plenty of business for all and I want to be the type of business leader that inspires all to build our tribes of powerhouse business owners who are also a family.
About Me

Hi I'm Sarah Minor.

I am a creative brand strategist who enhances the branding of your services using the latest marketing trends to develop a marketing plan to attract new clients, grow your business, and grow your presence online. I’m looking for the decision-makers, CEOs, agencies without a graphic designer/marketer, businesses looking to scale up their branding and marketing... specifically the restaurant owners who aren't online, the mom & pop shops who are only using word of mouth, etc. 

Every client I work with becomes a part of the team. I believe in the power of simplicity, being real rather than perfect, in taking risks and breaking rules, and in viewing everything as a new opportunity to build lasting relationships.

I have over 14 years experience in art & design , 8 years in web design, and 5 years in digital marketing. I have a BA in Art Studio: Graphic Design & Sculpture and currently working toward my MS in Digital Marketing & E-commerce. 

I love to travel, karaoke, spend time with my wife, Val, and fur kitty, Hazel, and repurpose old furniture.


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Business Advertising Branding, Marketing & Advertising Coaching & Consulting Graphic Design SEO Services Social Media Management Web Design & Development Coaches & Consultants Resources
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My Personal Interests
Vinyl Records Web design Blogging Board/tabletop games Card games Do it yourself Karaoke Watching movies Watching television
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