Mary Ann Scott
Small-Medium Size Business - Tax Incentives | Entrepreneur| Global Ops | Faculty Advisor
To make contributions to relationships developed through TribeUP. To expand my circle of business relationships that bring fruitful interactions for me and others.
About Me

Backstory: Senior Executive in global operational roles with Fortune 100 technology companies. CEO of a venture-based start-up.  Coach start-up/early-stage companies/ entrepreneurs and held leadership roles. Consulting - M&A in healthcare industry, coaching entrepreneurs for funding readiness, sales/business development in healthcare.

At this stage of my career - I am helping business owners recoup on average six figures of money through the Research and Development Tax Incentives. 90% of small-medium size businesses don't claim these valuable tax incentives because they don't know about them and are eligible. You can say I am in the happiness business of bringing good news to business owners.

All Industries except Retail  |  CXOs, Business Owners    |  Revenue: $2M to $100M+

I love what I do! I bring wonder, happiness,  and delightful surprises to my clients and help them get what they don't think is possible!  and deserve.

I am also committed to helping the next generation of students graduating from college. At California State University, San Marcos, I am an Executive In Resident, coaching students for career readiness, and am a Faculty Advisor for the Senior Experience Capstone in the School of Business.

My volunteer work extends to my church and I am currently See More

Intro Video
2-Minute Video Overview - R&D Tax Credits
In two minutes learn what you need to know to take the next step to unleash 1000s of dollars of tax credits for you to claim OR to REFER to your contacts.
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Products and Services I Offer
Public Speaking for Professional Associations for any Industry - Help Members tap a undiscovered source of cash. Ways to Get Unfound Money for Immediate Cash Earn Residual Income Through Referrals
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Accounting & Tax Services Banking, Finance & Funding
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Christian Faith-Based Discussions Golf Downhill Skiing Piano Playing Healthy Living Science and technology studies Cooking Entertaining Sailing Swimming Travel
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